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The 'Don't buy a flat-faced dog or cat' campaign is an initiative of the veterinarians of Caring Vets, the companion animals cluster of the Royal Dutch Association of Veterinary Medicine (KNMvD) and the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations (FECAVA), and the animal welfare organisations DierenLot, Sophia-Vereeniging, Koninklijke Hondenbescherming and Dier&Recht.


Supporting organisations and vets

The ‘Don’t buy a flat-faced dog or cat’ campaign is supported by many vets and animal welfare organisations.

Would your organisation like to join the campaign, or are you a vet and supporting the campaign? Send an email to info@dierenrecht.nl or click the button below.

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You will find the poster, the flyers and other content of the campaign in the online information package.

To contact the spokespersons:

Caring Vets - Janneke Moedt - info@caringvets.nl

Dier&Recht - Kelly Kessen - info@dierenrecht.nl

Hondenbescherming - Sieneke Groenman - sieneke@hondenbescherming.nl

Sophia-Vereeniging - Steffie van Horck - s.v.horck@sophia-vereeniging.nl

Cluster Companion Animals of the Professional Veterinary Association - Julia Hamel - j.hamel@knmvd.nl


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