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In your practice, you probably see the consequences of dogs and cats with a short muzzle every day.
Their quality of life is worse and they require a lot more care than animals with a normal snout.

In addition, the high medical costs often come unexpectedly for their owners.

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You play an important part in the process of reducing the number of flat-faced animals.

By providing good information, you can inform (future) dog and cat owners about the health problems and high costs of a flat-faced animal.


Download the free information package

To support veterinarians and other professionals in providing information, there is a free information pack available. This package consists of:

  • Flyers with information for the client
  • Window posters

Download the free information package

Post the clinic policy for flat-faced dogs and cats on your website

By posting the clinic policy for flat-faced dogs and cats on your website, you reassure clients and and provide clarity to breeders and owners.

Clinic policy flat-faced animals

Don’t worry. When you take your short muzzled dog or cat to the clinic, he or she will receive all the care, love and attention he or she needs. However:

- We do not treat infertility in brachycephalic breeds and we do not offer pre-mate tests for brachycephalic bitches.
- Our team will advise against the purchasing of animals with a flat-face/short muzzle.
- We will not show dogs or cats with flat-faces on social media or in ads.

Health is our priority! The suffering of pets with extreme features needs to stop. Luckily, we are not alone. Veterinarians and animal welfare organisations around the world have joined the battle against these unhealthy muzzles.

Click the button below to download the full clinic policy and post it on your website.

Eindrapport criteria ‘fokken met kortsnuitige honden’

Breeding criteria short-muzzled dogs

In the Netherlands it is prohibited to breed flat-faced dogs and cats. More information about criteria for breeding healthy dogs you can find in the report ‘Breeding short-muzzled dogs' by the Utrecht University and the website of the government.

You can also refer breeders who visit your clinic to information from the Dutch government.

Eindrapport criteria ‘fokken met kortsnuitige honden’

Help in the fight against this suffering

This campaign is supported by many vets, veterinary clinics and other organisations.

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