What can I do?

Four ways to help short-muzzled animals:

  • Don't buy a flat-faced dog or cat
  • Choose a healthy animal with a normal snout
  • Share this information with others
  • When you have a flat-faced dog or cat, go the vet for advice
Flat-faced cat

Don't buy a flat-faced dog or cat

The demand leads to illegal breeding and import. Not buying such an animal will end the suffering of these unhealthy dogs and cats and creating a better future with healthy animals. 

Don’t be tempted to buy a flat-faced pedigree dog or cat. These animals with a pedigree do not comply with the law and face the same major health problems as the ones without this pedigree.

Choose a healthy animal with a normal snout

Gezonde hondWhen purchasing a dog, be sure it:

  • has a normal, healthy snout. This means: the muzzle is at least as long as half of the skull (see figure)
  • has nicely rounded and open nostrils with no skin fold
  • does not snore, neither when inactive nor after exercising

When purchasing a cat, be sure it:

  • has a snout that is not flat, but protruding
  • has no tear marks
  • does not squint
  • does not look cross-eyed
  • has nicely rounded and open nostrils. If you look from the front, the nose is not in between but well below the eyes

Tip: Always seek advice from an independent expert, such as a veterinarian, before purchasing.


Share this information with others

It is important to inform as many people as possible about these health issues. You can help by sharing this information with neighbours, friends and family.

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When you already have a flat-faced dog or cat:
take it to the vet

When you already have a pug, French bulldog, Persian cat or another flat-faced animal, it is wise to have it checked by a vet.

A  number of treatments can reduce the suffering of your dog or cat. By surgery the nostrils can be opened, the palate shortened and excess mucous folds removed. This will enable the animal to breathe more freely. Removing the skin fold will prevent painful inflammations and damage to the eyes. In certain cases the eye lids can be corrected to prevent eye inflammations.

Ask your vet for advice.

Tip: Obesity leads to a worsening of these health issues. See to it that your dog or cat keeps a normal weight.


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